13:00-20:00 I Registration
13:30-16:00 I Deep Learning Advanced Lectures
(Shanshan Zhang Nanjing University of Technology)
16:30-17:30 K IEEE Open Day, IEEE Night - Exchange Dinner
18:00-20:00 J ICPCSEE Steering commettee Working Conference
09:00-09:10 A ICPCSEE 2019 Opening
09:10-09:50 A Keynote:Xiangyang Li(University of Science and Technology of China)
09:50-10:30 A Keynote:Ke Xu(Tsinghua University)
10:30-11:00 A Signing Ceremony of Strategic Cooperation Agreement & Subject Release of Remote Sensing Big Data
Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth£¬Chinese Academy of Sciences
National Supercomputer Center in Jinan
National Academy of Guo Ding Institute of data science
A Tea Break/Group photo
11:00-11:40 A Keynote:Hong Shen(Sun Yat-sen University, SYSU)
11:40-12:20 A Keynote:Xianxian Li(Guangxi Normal University)
12:30-13:30 K Lunch
14:00-16:30 B Forum: A New Perspective on Cyberspace-Software Gene
      Shuzhou Wang£¨Henan RoarPanda cyber£©
      Jianwei Ding£¨30th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation£©
      Xia Bing£¨Zhongyuan university of technology£©
      Wudong£¨DBAPP Security Co., Ltd.,£©
14:00-16:30 C Forum: Intelligent Medical and Imaging Analysis
      Henggui Zhang£¨university of Manchester, UK, £©
      Shenghui Liao£¨Central South University£©
      Di Zhao£¨Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences£©
      Yan Qiang£¨Taiyuan University of Technology£©
14:00-16:30 D Forum: Remote Sensing Big Data
      Guicai Li£¨National Satellite Meteorological Center (NSMC)£©
      QIU Yubao£¨Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth£¬Chinese Academy of Sciences£©
      Mingquan WU£¨Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth£¬Chinese Academy of Sciences£©
14:00-16:30 H Special Debate Forum: Tourism management in cloud era, where is the boundary between labor and intelligence?
13:30-17:10 E Oral Session 1-1
13:30-17:10 F Oral Session 1-2
13:30-17:10 G Oral Session 1-3
17:30-20:30 L Banquet
09:00-09:40 A Keynote:Xiangjian-He£¨University of Technology Sydney (UTS)£©
09:40-10:20 A Keynote:Yunquan Zhang£¨Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences£©
10:20-10:40 A Coffee/Tea Break
10:40-11:20 A Keynote:Xue-Ming Si£¨Fudan University£©
11:20-12:00 A Keynote:Anfeng Liu£¨Central South University£©
12:00-12:20 A ICPCSEE 2020 Organizers Introduction
12:30-13:30 K Lunch
14:00-16:30 B Forum: Block Chain Technology Frontier
      SHAOHUA TANG£¨South China University of Technology£©
      Chun-guang Ma£¨Harbin University of Engineering£©
      Liping DING(Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
      Chengchen Ji£¨Shenzhen PeerCome Technology Co., Ltd.,£©
14:00-16:30 C Forum: From the Knowledge Graph to Intelligent Decision-making
      Zheng Hai-Tao£¨Shenzhen Zhisou Information Technology Co., Ltd.,£©
      Jianfeng Du£¨Guangdong University of Foreign Study£©
      Hao Shao£¨Gowild Robotics company£©
      Peng Peng£¨Hunan University£©
14:00-16:30 D Forum: Computer Vision Frontier
      Qingshan Liu£¨Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology£©
      Xiangzeng Liu£¨Xidian University£©
      Lin Mei£¨Third Institute of the Ministry of Public Security£©
13:30-16:40 E Oral Session 2-1
13:30-16:40 F Oral Session 2-2
17:30-20:30 K Buffet
08:00-11:30 E Oral Session 3-1
08:00-11:30 F Oral Session 3-2
08:00-11:30 G Oral Session 3-3
A£ºGuilin university of technology (Library lecture hall)
B£ºPublic school building 9301D classroom
C£ºPublic school building 9401D classroom
D£ºPublic school building 9501D classroom
E£ºIntelligence Classroom 1, 5th Floor, Public Teaching Building
F£ºIntelligence Classroom 2, 5th Floor, Public Teaching Building
G£ºIntelligence Classroom 3, 5th Floor, Public Teaching Building
H£ºMOOC classroom on the 5th floor of public teaching building
I£ºMinfeng Hotel Report Room
J£ºMinfeng Hotel Conference Room
K£ºMinfeng Hotel Restaurant